Wireless Intercom





 HME DX100 HME DX210   FreeSpeak

2.4GHz License Free Operation

Digital frequency hoping spread spectrum

Portable compact design

Flexible battery powered operation

Expandable System 

2.4GHz Digital Wireless System

Exceptional Wireless Performance

2 Channels of Communication

Expanded connectivity to wired systems

Each base can support 4 Full-Duplex users OR

15 Push-to-Transmit shared users

1.88 to 1.93GHz DECT

Wireless auto roaming technology

Up to 6 channels per beltback

20 beltpacks per base station OR 40 users per seamless connection to Matrix frame

Exceptional beltback to base station range using active antennas.


 HME DX121 HME DX300ES   

 2.4GHz Digital Wireless

Simple but Powerful.

Makes Partyline/Matrix Headsets mobile OR

can be used standalone.

Each system supports 1 Full-Duplex OR

4 push to transmit shared belt packs.

Interface option to 4 wire intercom systems only.

 2.4GHz Digital Wireless System.

Multi-channel mobile communications systems.

External Radio Capabilities.

Each base supports up to 4 Full-Duplex/15 push to transmit shared users.

4 bases linked to support a maximum of 0 users


 HME DX200  WBS670/680  

 2.4GHz Digital Wireless

Up to 4 full duplex or 15 push to transmit shared user per base station.

Maximum of 60 users on four linked systems

Easy to use, affordable, crystal clear, interference free communication.

 518 to 608MHz, 614 to 686 MHz

Operate in a select frequency band

Standalone or interface with wired intercoms.

Each base station supports  up to 4 full duplex wireless systems


 Tempest 2400 MasterBelt  

 2.4GHz Digital Wireless

Portable, compact and easy to deploy wireless base that offers advances features, robustness and reliability